Is your office the place at home you are most productive in? Rearrange it, clean it, make it work.

When you were house-hunting, you wanted a house with an office, for sure. You thought that a place at home, where you could work calmly, not being disturbed is a pretty nice idea. So you were looking for a home for too long until you found the one, which had a nice spacious living room, several bedrooms and an office. However, with the time not everything went according to the plan.

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This office was never your top priority, nor when you furnished your home or thereafter. And now you have it – a place with some old desks and an uncomfy chair, where all the old clothes of your children are, the old TV, a few boxes of books and stuff and stuff – useless and pointless. So when you are about to work there, it just doesn’t happen. You are not inspired at all, you cannot be creative, you are stuck in a room which seems much more like a storage one than like an office. But now you decided that is about time to take care of this room you fought for with passion a few years ago. It is time to transform it into a place you could be super productive in. and here is how:


What your office surely doesn’t need are boxes full of belongings. It’s just not the right place, so get rid of them now. Put them in the attic, in the closet, basement, garage. Somewhere else. If you believe that you won’t use them ever again, give them to a friend or for charity. The truth is that you don’t need that much little something in your life. The belongings are not what should rule you. Free yourself of the influence of the things and you will free your mind.


As this room has been filled with stuff all the time since you moved in, I doubt that you have ever cleaned it properly. For this reason, it is a nice idea to hire one of the best London’s cleaners, which will perform a much deeper clean-up, coping with all kind of cleaning situations and problems you are not capable of. With the professional and effective detergents, the experience and the techniques, the results would be great and you will be truly satisfied.

Refurnish, rearrange

You will be spending some more time there, so you could spend more money and more efforts so that this place turns into a convenient and cosy one. The two main things you will need for sure are the comfortable and huge desks, where you will hate enough space to place your computer, papers, etc and a really comfortable chair, so that you can sit there and work, without then standing up and feeling too tired. Add some details as well. Make this room a piece of art. Frames and photos, decorations, candles, even an armchair – they are all welcome here.

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