Is your office the place at home you are most productive in? Rearrange it, clean it, make it work.

When you were house-hunting, you wanted a house with an office, for sure. You thought that a place at home, where you could work calmly, not being disturbed is a pretty nice idea. So you were looking for home for too long, until you found the one, which had a nice spacious living room, several bedrooms and an office. However, with the time not everything went according to the plan. computer-962971_640This office was never your top priority, nor when you furnished your home or thereafter. And now you have it – a place with some old desks and an uncomfy chair, where all the old clothes of your children are, the old TV, a few boxes of books and stuff and stuff – useless and pointless. So when you are about to work there, it just doesn’t happen. You are not inspired at all, you cannot be creative, you are stuck in a room which seems much more like a storage one than like an office. But now you decided that is about time to take care of this room you fought for with passion a few years ago. It is time to transform it in a place you could be super productive in. and here is how:

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Cleaning your kitchen with easy and inexpensive methods

The kitchen is one of the rooms in every house that sees the most traffic and use on daily basis.

Family meals are prepared there, which means that it has to be spotless at all times. Most people dread the time when they have to get stuck in and clean the kitchen floor and appliances. It is very important to clean the kitchen after every use and to thoroughly clean it at least once a week in order to prevent the buildup of various bacteria and germs. If you are renting your property, it is mandatory that at the end of your tenancy, you leave the kitchen as it once was when you first moved in. Thorough kitchen cleaning will be included in the end of tenancy cleaning to do list.

If you have to clean your kitchen as a part of you end of tenancy cleaning, then you need to pay special attention to every corner and to every single appliance because the landlord will most likely inspect everything closely and if you have failed to clean to a satisfactory level, you may incur monetary penalties. Continue Reading

Cleaning Washing Machine Helps weaning away dirt and stink

Washing machine is after all meant for washing clothes and other washable cloths. It can also be an ideal hide-out for molds and insects. Dust might deposit inside various components developing filthy conditions impinging on washing efficiency. So periodically Cleaning Washing Machine is highly desirable and you better include it in your monthly ‘to do list.’You can clean both Top loading and Front loading washing machine models taking white vinegar in different quantities and following appropriate methods.


Top loading model:

Things required are 4 cups of white vinegar, and cleaning cloths.

First, position the washing machine settings on “hottest temperature, longest cycle and highest capacity.” Pour four cups of white vinegar to the hot water, put back the cover and allow agitation for a few minutes. Now, as you open the cover, the machine would stop; and then allow the machine to remain undisturbed for an hour. The vinegar will pervade into every nook and corner of the machine including the hoses, remove the dirt inside, and destroy the mold and insects if any. Continue Reading

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